Southpaws and Snowblowers

My parents (pictured here in 1966, the year they got married) don’t live in a part of the country where snowblowers are standard issue, but last year my dad got

How Learning the Ukulele Helped Me Think About Presenting Information

As part of my personal Alzheimer’s prevention program, I’ve added ukulele lessons to my life. In addition to now being able to play both “Sea of Love” and “Hallelujah,” I

America, I Love You, But…

….please be aware of how you present research results in the news. Happy Election Day! In the spirit of our great democracy, I wanted to share a few articles I’ve

Using Visuals to Tell a Powerful Story

When I’m not trying to save the world through research, I’m on the board of a tiny non-profit that my friend started out of her living room in 2011. Little Essentials

It Only Took Me Ten Years…

…but I finally took a vacation! A real, unplugged, no wi-fi, locked up my phone kind of vacation. I had all kinds of worries before I did this: “My clients

How to be a better client: Q&A with my favorite interviewers

This is Connie and Joe. They are amazing in-person interviewers who can get anyone to talk to them, whether it’s someone coming out of a store or a doctor attending a

5 Simple Ways to Write Better Surveys

Tomorrow is my birthday!! Instead of asking for presents, I’m going to give you all one: 5 ways to make your surveys better. 5. Keep the big picture in mind. Why

A Fun Way to Look at Gender Differences in Survey Response

On the heels of International Women’s Month (that’s March), Jessica Broome Research recently got certified as a woman-owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, and I also joined The Wing,

Celebrity posing for paparazzi on red carpet

It’s award show season! Watching the Oscars and the Grammys isn’t my favorite thing to do, but I’ve learned that treating customers like stars can get companies robust insights. Before

3 Insights You Can Get from Surveys — but Not from Social Media

“Why should I bother paying for a survey when I can learn so much about my audience from social media?” It’s a fair question, and one I get asked a

Your “healthy” may not be my “healthy”

The other day on the subway I saw an ad that claimed “Only 3% of kids’ meals options are healthy.” Of course this was disturbing, but then I started wondering,

Thank you for choosing me for your research journey

As the year starts to wind down, I want to thank you for being on this journey with me. “What journey?” I can hear you wondering. Let me explain. Making